• FAQ
  • To load value on your laundry card:

    1) purchase a revalue code online with your Debit Card or Credit Card

    2) if your Debit Card is a "Visa-debit" and has 16 digits like a credit card - then select "credit" under options to pay instead of "debit". Select "Visa".

    2a) To use this TD Visa-Debit option - you must register online for "verified by Visa" on your TD website. If you need help call TD directly at 1-866-222-3456.

    3) If you use a CIBC or Scotiabank debit card - and it has 16 digits, please select "credit" card under payment options and then "Visa".

    4) Once you select your $ amount and type of payment (debit or credit) you will be directed to your usual online bank site or credit card site for the actual purchase.

    5) Once the transaction is complete, then you will see your revalue code (6 numbers). You can then opt to have the revalue code texted or emailed to your device.

    6) Go to a "Revalue Station" (for Rathburn Rd, the stations are located in buildings 1, 9, 25 & 27). Insert your laundry card - chip facing up - into the Revalue Station. It will ask for yuor code. Enter your 6 digit code, press "enter". It will confirm the amount of money you purchased, press "enter". The money will then transfer to your card. Remove your card when prompted.

    7) Your card balance can be seen when you insert your card into any washer or dryer or Revalue Station. No money will be deducted.

    8) SAVING YOUR CREDIT CARD # ONTO YOUR PROFILE: Be sure to add an apt. # onto line 2 of your address in your main profile. Sometimes the card won't save if Address 2 line on your profile is blank.

     Questions? Call us at 1-800-263-3315 or email: info@debsellaundry.com