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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Questions Regarding Initial Card Registration

    1.       Where is my card number located?
    You laundry card number is on the back of your laundry card; do not enter the letters “HMP” that precede the card number as they are the same on all cards.

    2.       I am asked to enter two different email addresses – do they have to be different?
    No, you may use the same email for both fields. The first email address that you enter will be used for your log in information. The second email address is where any communications from the system – including codes and receipts – will be sent.

    3.       When trying to register my card, the drop down box to select my location will not open up and allow me to choose the right one.
    In this case, please go back one step and check off the box that says, “I have a laundry card”. If you miss this step, you will not be able to register your card properly for use.

    4.       I have completed my registration but have not yet received a confirmation email. What do I do? How long should I wait?
    Confirmation emails are generated by the system immediately and should arrive in your inbox within 10 minutes of registration. In the event that you have not seen the email, please check your junk mail folder first and if it is not there, please email us through the “Contact Us” page; a new email will be resent once the account has been verified. Please include your laundry card number to ensure a prompt response.

    5.       I have entered an incorrect email address/card number/location code, etc – What do I do now?
    Please email us through the “Contact Us” page; in the message box, outline what information is incorrect as well as what the information should be. If the correction can be made on our side, we will do so are email you upon completion. If you need to make the correction, an email with be sent to you with detailed instructions. Please include your laundry card number to ensure a prompt response.

    6.       I am trying to register my card for the first time but I am getting an error that is telling me that the card has already been registered.
    It is possible that someone else has used the card previously or that they have entered their card number incorrectly and it happens to match yours. When this happens, please email us through the “Contact Us” page; the card numbers will be verified and adjust accordingly. Please include your laundry card number to ensure a prompt response.

    7.       I have completed the registration process but when I go to log in the system does not recognize my email address.
    This happens when you have registered but have not used the activation link included in your Confirmation email. Please return to that confirmation email, click the link and then log in. After the first log in, you will no longer need to use the link to log in.

    Purchasing & Using Revalue Codes

    1.       Where do I go in my profile to purchase a code?
    You choose the option to “Purchase a Revalue Code” from the green box located in the upper left of the page.

    2.       How can I pay for my codes?
    You can pay for your codes using Visa, Mastercard or Debit.

    3.       I have a TD Visa/Debit card but the field is not allowing me to enter all of the digits. What do I do?
    All internet based Debit transactions are processed by Interac Online and this type of card is not for use with their system.  You will need to call your issuer and get details of how and where you can use the card but at this time, it can’t be used with Interac Online as their system only accepts cards whose identification numbers are 14 digits long.
    In cases where this is your only card, we suggest that you purchase a prepaid Visa or Mastercard (available at most grocery stores or pharmacies) and use that card to purchase your codes.

    4.       I am an international student and my credit card does not work with your system. How do I purchase codes to do my laundry?
    We suggest that you purchase a prepaid Visa or Mastercard and use it to purchase the laundry codes that you require. These cards are available at most grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies.

    5.       How do I apply the code to my laundry card so I can do my laundry?
    Go to the Revalue Station in your laundry room, insert your card, enter the value of the code that you purchased (Note: You cannot apply partial amounts.), press enter, enter the 6 digit code that you were provided with, press enter again. Remove your card from the station when prompted to do so. The funds are now available on your card.

    6.       When I enter my code at the Revalue Station, I am getting an error message that reads, “Not Verified” – What now?
    The “Not Verified” error means that there is a mismatch between your card number, code number, amount and location code. Please check your “My Profile”  section to ensure the following:
    - The card number entered matches the physical card in your possession
    - The location number reflects where you are using the laundry card
    -The code number and value amount that you were attempting to use matches the information in your purchase history.
    Should you find that there is an error in any of the above information, please use the “Contact Us” form and we would be happy to assist you further on a case by case basis.

    7.       I want to purchase a code large enough for the whole year but the website won’t allow this – why?
    It is important to note that your laundry card will only hold up to $50.00 at one time. This is for your protection as we do not guarantee any value on lost or stolen cards.

    Card Errors, Machine Trouble, Etc.

    1.       When I put my card into a washer or dryer it reads, “Bad Card” – What do I do?
    When this happens, it means that there has been some physical damage done to the card itself. The card will need to be replaced. In order to obtain a new card and any value remaining on your old laundry card, you will need to mail your card into us at:

    Coinamatic Canada Inc.

    301 Matheson Blvd. West
    Mississauga, Ontario
    L5R 3G3
    Attn: Customer Service

    Please be sure to include a note with the following:
    -Your name
    -Location of use
    -Amount you believe is remaining on the card
    -A full return mailing address

    2.       There was a problem when I was using one of your machines – How do I get a refund?
    Please use the “Contact Us” form to both request a refund and tell us what happened with the machine. We will need to know the location of the machine (and number, if available), what happened and how much you lost. A refund code will then be emailed to you and a service technician will be dispatched.