• FAQ
  • 1.  Where do I find my laundry card #

    Answer:  The laundry card number is found on the back, lower right of your laundry card? It starts with HMP. Only the six numeric digits should be entered. 

    2.   I made an online purchase but the value isn’t on my card

    When you purchase online or from a mobile phone you will receive a six digit code. You must take the code and your laundry card to the Revalue Station to write the value to the card.  Follow the instructions to add value with a “Code”.

    3.  Password isn’t working 

    Answer:  Passwords are case sensitive and must be at least eight characters. Typographical errors are common so be very careful when you are entering email address. If you cannot connect, please contact us for help.

    4.  What does Scheduled Payment mean?

    Answer:  Payment can be scheduled for the following options:
    •        Buy Code Now
    •        Weekly
    •        Every two weeks
    •        Monthly
    •        Quarterly
    •        Every Six Months
    •        Annually
    •        Only one-time purchases are single purchases. 
    All other are recurring purchases charged to the credit card in your payment profile. If you choose a recurring option, all fields must be completed. You can choose to have the recurring purchases continue without further notice or you can set a final transfer date.  

    5.  Didn’t receive email confirming registration

    Answer: If you haven’t received the registration email in your inbox, check your spam/junk mail. It can take a while to receive the email confirming registration. Wait at least 10 minutes then Contact Coin Meter if you need assistance. If the email address was entered incorrectly we can correct it and forward to you.

    6.  Text message purchase from a mobile phone that is not your registered phone number
    Answer:  When purchasing value from a cell phone other than your registered mobile number, follow the normal text message instructions and add the five digit PIN at the end. 
    You have an option to create a five digit PIN when you set up your Mobile Phone on the Revalue My Card website at.  
    Send the following information via text to 32075: Revalue LLLLLL $$ 9999 PPPPP
    LLLLLL    six digit laundry card #
    $$           dollar amount to buy 20 = $20
    9999       last four digits of your credit card #
    PPPPP   five digit PIN
    Follow instructions to enter Code at the Revalue Station to write value to laundry card.

    7.  Accept user agreement

    Answer: You must accept the user agreement to make online purchases.

    8.  Exiting from Payment Profile setup

    Answer:  After you set up your payment profile select Cancel & OK to return to the main menu.

    9.  Don’t have a credit card

    Answer: Buy a credit card gift card. Make sure it is a Visa or MasterCard.

    10.  Can’t set up credit card payment - Enable cookies

    Answer:  Trying to set up credit card under Manage Payment profile and
    Internet Explorer
    •        Tools
    •        Internet options
    •        Privacy
    •        Advanced Settings
    •       Override Automatic handling
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