If you have a problem or need assistance after hours:   please call 617-969-4340 or email card@automaticlaundry.com (After hours: Monday-Friday 6:00 to 10:00 PM – Saturday & Sunday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm)

As of 8/1/23 Residents are now required to register their Laundry Card online by going to www.automaticlaundry.com click on the Blue Laundry Card and scroll to bottom of page and click on “Register Now” If you have any issues please contact our office 617-969-4340  

Important Password Instructions:  
When entering a new password - use a Capital Letter - then some small letters - a couple of numbers and then use the @ sign at the end of your password.  If you are a returning customer and having issues please contact our office to receive a temporary password. (Due to the new Security Update: Residents will now have to change their passwords every 180 Days)

Codes & Online Purchases:   This is a two-step process, once you receive your code take it to the add value box and follow the code instructions and this will add the money onto your laundry card. Once codes are purchased, these codes are non-refundable. If you received a code for your purchase you must use that code within 3 months of purchase. We cannot honor purchases after expiration. If you lose your laundry card that code is non-refundable.

Laundry Card Errors:   Call our office with balances under $20.00, any balance over $20.00 you must mail in your laundry card to our office and a new card will be mailed out to you - balances are non-refundable and must go back onto a laundry card.

Laundry Cards:   If you receive a card from the office or one was left behind for you from a previous resident, please contact card@automaticlaundry.com or call 617-969-4340 Customer Service and we will have to delete the old registration for you. If you received a new laundry card you must change your laundry card number in your registration under "My Profile" to your new card number before purchasing new value.

Buying a Code Online to Purchase a New Laundry Card:   This is a two-step process, you will receive a six digit code in red. take this code to the Code box and press Buy Card and then enter in code number and press the # key and a new card will come out. (Cards cost $5.00 to purchase the card and will have a zero balance on card)

Buying a New Laundry Card(Cash Boxes):   The cost of a new laundry card is $5.00 value on, you will insert the bill in the bill acceptor and a new card will come out. This card will have no value on the card. Proceed to insert another bill into the bill acceptor to add value onto your laundry card.

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